Ending cubic ring [boldholic]


Double plating
Material: Silver plated on brass
Size: Appx. W:23mm, H:6mm
Weight: 4.1g


Ending cubic ring [boldholic]


Silver plated on brass
Double plating
Size: Appx. W:22mm, H:20mm
Weight: 3.5g



Best 5 Modern Jewelry


Boldholic carries handmade jewelry which artisans fabricate during certain process.
Check our selection of bold yet simple style modern jewelry. 

It’s good for as bridal jewellery collection too.

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Boldholic Brand



Boldholic is a brand created by HALO Be Bold, a famous jewelry house in Gangnam, Korea—the heart of K-fashion—exclusively for its global online shopping mall, a gorgeous place for the world’s jewelry lovers.

Customers can only find Boldholic’s “mother brand,” HALO Be Bold in our stylish boutiques in six-star hotels and major department stores in Gangnam, Seoul.

HALO Be Bold believes that jewelry can create a halo for women, and with this mission, we newly launched Boldholic. Boldholic specializes in party jewelry and will provide sophisticated jewelry with exquisite designs fit for any party or gathering.

Boldholic’s selections are mostly self-manufactured and hand-crafted products or products made in Korea, and they are bold yet luxurious in style.

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